The ingredients

Fruit and vegetables…they’re our thing!

Our fresh produce is peeled or trimmed by hand and often even hand-chopped in cases where our mechanical cutter is not precise or delicate enough and risks creating too much wastage or damage.  


The idea is to cook the ingredients as quickly as possible to preserve their nutritional value and generate as little waste as possible.

We recycle practically 90% of our waste, by using the minimum amount of non-recyclable products and the elimination of undesirable and unnecessary chemicals.

All of our organic waste is recycled as compost.

Our cartons all close without any use of adhesive glue.

We buy our raw materials as close as possible to our production site (we’re confirmed locavores!).

Our products are entirely free of additives and preservatives, and naturally they’re all gluten free too!

All our products are Vegan, except for those that contain honey, the only ingredient of animal origin that we use.  

And, it goes without saying, we only work with strictly selected and approved suppliers.

Since 2017 we have partnered a Red Cross initiative for the creation of employment for people in poverty via the sourcing of certain vegetables hyper-locally. 


And organic? More and more!​


Delivery within France 6€90, other countries 15€60.